Hard drive destruction and hard drive shredding during the Covid Pandemic

Hard drive destruction and hard drive shredding service near me
Hard drive destruction during the current Covid Pandemic

Embassy Records Management and Storage offers the most effective hard drive destruction and hard drive shredding services in central Texas. These services are available with one quick call to either our Waco, TX office or our College Station, TX office. Covid has presented a global pandemic that has altered the way we do business but maintaining hard drive destruction and hard drive shredding practices is a must. Criminals are still doing business as usual and they are still on the prowl to compromise your personal PHI or confidential data.

As many of us work from home you might notice old laptops or computers around your house or apartment. These items (especially the hard drives contained within) need to be shredded confidentially. Dumpster divers can remove the hard drives and steal your data if you simply throw them in the trash. In some places this practice is illegal. Call Embassy Records Management and Storage for all of your paper shredding or hard drive shredding needs.

Our computers or laptops are being used in the home now more than ever. They can contain medical records, social security numbers, banking information etc. It is imperative to keep all confidential paper or hard drives secure.

Embassy RMS can keep all of that information safe. We also provide hard copy record storage if you have boxes lying around the home or office that you want to keep secure. Do you have some paper that needs to be shredded and some that you want to keep permanently? We can help with that too. We provide document scanning and document imaging services as well. After these papers are scanned in we can provide NAID certified secure shredding after the scanning project is complete.

We also provide computer disposal service. Just give us a call at 979-776-3500. We can schedule to pick up any hard drives ready for destruction or degaussing. You can drop off hard drives ready for shredding or destruction at either of our facilities. Our Waco, Tx location is at 2100 Webster Ave. Waco, TX 76706. Our College Station, TX location is at 6936 Old Jones Rd. College Station, TX 77845. All shredded hard drives are properly recycled.

Hard drive shredding services are soo important.  Hard drive destruction companies do it right.
Use a professional hard drive destruction company like Embassy Records Management and Storage

You may think that you have removed all data from your hard drives but think again. There is software out there that exists that can allow access even if you think everything has been deleted. Proper hard drive destruction and disposal is the only surefire way to avoid identity theft and data breaches of your personal confidential documents or hard drives. All of our methods are HIPAA compliant. All of our methods are FACTA compliant as well. Once we have successfully shredded your hard drives we can provide you with a certificate of destruction on the back end. We handle your data destruction with the upmost security in mind.

We want to help you keep all that electronic information safe and secure. We will provide you with a no obligation quote over the phone or via our website.