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5 factors to research prior to hiring a paper shredding service company

5 factors to research prior to hiring a paper shredding service company

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Email security settings are a must

The vast majority of data breaches happen internally. Employees (outside of a few disciplines) are never really taught the importance of how to keep data safe. This could be hard copy record data or electronic data. It is imperative to teach your employees how to protect your internal office data. This includes email security as well. This leads to data shredding. Hiring a shredding service that is seasoned in HIPAA and FACTA guidelines will be extremely beneficial down the road. The data or paper shredding process is quite simple if you bring on a trusted, licensed and bonded paper shredding service.

1. Paper shredding service certification.

Here at Embassy, we always are willing to provide a certificate of destruction for any hard drive shredding or document shredding. Our certificate of destruction will provide evidence that your paper shredding service is compliant with local and state regulations.

2. Does your paper shredding service provide onsite document shredding or do they only provide plant based shredding services?

Really either option has its benefits. On-site paper shredding happens in the parking lot of your office. It is loud and some clients find it off putting. Plant based shredding service minimize office disruptions. Each secure shredding container is serviced and then shredded at the companies secure NAID certified facility.

3. What type of shredding is your shredding service providing? Crosscut shredding vs. directional shredding.

Both types are OK for security purposes. Some not-so reputable shredding service providers ship off paper to non NAID certified facilities and it goes through a chemical process. Make sure your hired shredding service shreds all paper in house and does not ever use a third-party shredding company.

Choose a paper shredding or hard drive shredding service that never uses a third party. This ensures that from the time your paper or hard drives or electronic waste goes directly to the shredding service facility. Locked and alarmed vehicles help the chain of custody process. Data shredding and destruction should always take place on-site in a mobile shredding truck or at a NAID certified shredding site.

5. How is the environment affected by the ultimate waste?

Embassy Records Management is dedicated to providing green recyclable shredding services. Our shredded paper is 100% recycled. The dyes are removed and recycled back into napkins, paper towels, toilet paper etc. Burning paper is not an environmentally cautious option for paper shredding.

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Shredding service near me

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