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Iron Mountain Alternatives: Why Choose Embassy Records Management and Storage for Your Medical Records Custodian Needs?

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As a medical professional, safeguarding patient records and ensuring compliance with legal obligations is critical. The role of a medical records custodian is to manage and secure your private healthcare records, freeing you from the burden of handling future medical record requests. Here’s why Embassy Records Management and Storage, a Texas-based company known for its affordability, timeliness, and impeccable customer service standards, is your best choice for medical records custodian services:

What is a Medical Records Custodian?

A medical records custodian is responsible for handling private healthcare records, ensuring that healthcare practices comply with state and federal guidelines for storing patient records. At Embassy Records Management and Storage, we ensure that all patient requests for physical or electronic copies are managed efficiently and securely.

Closing Your Medical Practice? Here’s How Embassy Can Help

  • Secure Transportation: We securely transport all patient files to our facility.

  • Digitization Services: We digitize your medical records, converting them to electronic format if needed.

  • EMR Export: We export your files from your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system and securely store them.

  • Patient Notification: You will notify your patients that Embassy will be the new custodian of their medical records.

  • State Notification: Inform your state medical board about the changes.

  • Request Management: All health information requests are processed through Embassy as your medical record custodian.

  • Patient Access: Patients can securely request and receive their medical records from us.

Benefits of Choosing Embassy as Your Medical Records Custodian

  • Document Scanning & Storage: We scan and store all your files, making future medical record requests easy to manage.

  • Request Fulfillment: All record requests are directed to Embassy, streamlining the process for you and your patients.

  • Paperless Transition: We convert physical files to digital format, ensuring compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

  • Hassle-Free Closure: We manage your records according to state requirements, allowing you to close your practice worry-free.

Medical Records Release Services

Embassy Records Management and Storage helps medical facilities reduce the risk of breaches, achieve compliance, and improve financial performance. Our Release of Information (ROI) solutions standardize or centralize your hospital's ROI processes, offering protection and efficiency. With our state-of-the-art technology and flexible services, your facility will:

  • Reduce Risk: Minimize the risk of data breaches with our secure ROI solutions.

  • Improve Productivity: Streamline processes to enhance staff efficiency.

  • Enhance Satisfaction: Improve satisfaction for patients, staff, and requesters.

We support stand-alone hospitals, multihospital systems, and physician offices, helping them comply with regulations and avoid financial and reputational harm. Our HIPAA-compliant ROI services can be customized to meet your needs, whether your medical records are paper, fully electronic, or a hybrid of both.

Our ROI Solutions

  • Fully Outsourced: Outsource the entire ROI function to us for a fully compliant, HIPAA-certified process. Our staff manages everything from receiving requests to fulfilling them, increasing productivity and reducing costs for your facility.

  • ROI Partner: Use your staff to fulfill medical record requests with the support of our ROI technology. This secure, compliant solution helps prevent breaches and generates revenue.

  • Remote ROI: By accessing your electronic health records remotely, we process all medical record requests from our processing center in College Station, TX. This allows you to reallocate resources to revenue-producing functions and speeds up request turnaround times.

Additional Services: Document Imaging and Secure Storage Solutions

Beyond shredding, Embassy offers comprehensive document imaging services, converting physical documents into secure, easily accessible digital formats. Our secure storage solutions protect your documents with the highest security standards.

Importance of Electronic Data Security and ITAD Disposition Services

In today's digital age, protecting electronic data is crucial. Embassy offers robust electronic data security services to safeguard your digital information. Our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services ensure the safe and secure disposal of outdated electronic devices, preventing potential data breaches.

Why Choose Embassy Records Management and Storage? Why Choose Embassy Records Management and Storage for Your Medical Records Custodian Needs?

Embassy Records Management and Storage is a Texas-based company committed to providing affordable, timely services with impeccable customer service standards. We are licensed, bonded, and ensure complete confidentiality. After every service, we provide a certificate of destruction, giving you the assurance that your documents have been securely handled.

Contact Embassy Records Management and Storage Today

Embassy Records Management and Storage is dedicated to providing top-tier document shredding, document imaging, and secure storage solutions. To learn more or receive a quick quote, complete the form on our website or give us a call today. Partner with Embassy and experience the highest level of security and service for your business’s information management needs.

Contact Us for Secure Document Solutions: Ready to elevate your document security? Give us a call anytime at 800-717-1443. We're here to answer your questions and tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

Our Locations: For your convenience, we have multiple locations across Texas. Call to experience firsthand our commitment to secure document solutions.

  • Waco, TX: 2100 Webster Ave, Waco, TX 76706

  • College Station, TX: 6936 Old Jones Rd, College Station, TX 77845

  • Round Rock, TX: 1000 Heritage Center Circle Road Suite 363, Round Rock, TX 78664

  • Conroe, TX: 2040 N Loop 336 W Suite 127, Conroe, TX 77304

Discover the convenience of having a trusted shredding partner nearby. Whether you're in Waco, College Station, Round Rock, or Conroe, our locations are strategically placed to serve your document security needs.

Don't hesitate to reach out — we're here to make secure document disposal simple and stress-free.


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