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Professional Document Shredding Service Vs. DIY Shredding

Key details to look for in a professional paper shredding service

Do you have documents piling up in your home office or business office? If the answer is yes, you might be at risk. You could be risking your employee information or your customer information. Document shredding is the best way to safeguard your confidential documents from being compromised or stolen. Choosing the best paper shredding service is key to make sure your papers and documents are properly and securely shredded. Embassy Records Management is the premiere local paper shredding service company. The are many viable options for a professional paper shredding service but ERMS is the best local shredding company around.

DIY paper shredding is for the birds
DIY document shredding is timely and never cost effective

Is DIY or do it yourself a good option for securely destroying confidential personal or business documents?

DIY shredding is extremely time consuming and as the saying goes, “time is money.” Oftentimes personal home shredders don’t cross cut shred the documents. This leads to the potential of a dumpster diver that can attempt to recreate those confidential papers. Office shredders can’t chew through paper clips, staples, or rubber bands. Embassy’s professional paper shredding service takes the prep time out of the equation. Our plant-based shredder can chew through a 2x4!

Are local shredding services a safe option?

You bet! Trusting an AAA NAID certified local paper shredding service eliminates the hassle of DIY shredding. Our paper shredding service is extremely secure. We are licensed and bonded. We have chain of custody protocols to ensure paper shredding service has the upmost levels of confidentiality. You can choose our mobile onsite shredding option or our pick-up shredding service for large quantities. Our drop off paper shredding service is great for home shredding of just a few ponds to a few boxes for shredding. We also recycle everything! All shredded paper goes to a paper mill in Mississippi once it is shredded and they recycle all shredded paper into napkins, paper towels, napkins etc. We are a 100% green recycling service.

What different products or services does a local paper shredding service like Embassy RMS offer?

Embassy has several beneficial services above and beyond our secure paper shredding service. We offer hard drive shredding. Hard drive destruction is key to avoid a data breach in this day and age. We also provide document scanning service. Our document imaging service is extremely accurate and cost effective. We are the cheapest option in Waco Texas. We consider all electronic media fair game for shredding. Many offices don’t have protocols in place for e waste or electronic waste but they should.

What is the typical shredding cost of our paper shredding service?

Our paper shredding service varies on cost. Do you have a large bulk shred box pick up or maybe you would like a recurring shredding service set up where your home office of or business office has one of our secure shredding containers placed in your office? Maybe you just have a few hard drives in an office that you want destroyed? We offer the cheapest shred prices in central Texas. Just give us a call at 800-717-1443 or visit our contact page and we will respond electronically to get you a verified paper shredding service quote.

DIY paper shredding is no bueno
Document shredding by a professional saves time and $$

What type of paper shredding service company is the most reputable or most trusted?

The National Association for Information Destruction is the governing body that oversees reputable paper shredding services worldwide. The make sure that the employees working for the paper shredding service company are stand up individuals. All Embassy employees sign a confidentiality agreement upon hire. Each shredding company employee has a federal background check. Each shredding company employee has a state background check. Each shredding company employee has a 7 year county background check as well. Each paper shredding service employee has a drug screen performed prior to hire and random annual drug screens. All Embassy mobile shred trucks are GPS tracked for safety.

We are the trusted local paper shredding company in Central Texas.

Give us a call any time at 800-717-1443.

Our Waco, TX address is 2100 Webster Ave. Waco, TX 76706.

Our College Station, TX location is at 6936 Old Jones Rd. College Station, TX 77845.

Our Round Rock, TX location is at 1000 Heritage Center Circle Road. Suite 363. Round Rock, TX 78664.

Our Conroe, TX location is at 2040 N Loop 336 W Suite 127, Conroe, TX 77304


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