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Keep that desk clean with a document shredding company and a clean desk policy

Implementing a secure clean desk policy at your office can keep the data thieves at bay

If you work at or own a business (everyone) then you are generating confidential information. Some of these documents may include medical records, employee files or data or customer data. It is the business owner’s responsibility to keep those confidential documents secure and typically shredded. Implementing a clean desk policy is one way to avoid any documents being compromised. Having a clean desk also helps employees stay more organized and task driven without lots of distractions from other documents laying around. This is a major concern if there are offices at your workplace that are not behind lock and key. Security of those confidential documents is key. The best way to avoid a data breach is by implementing shred containers around your office. Modern businesses use secure shred containers in conjunction with a clean desk policy.

Failure to implement a clean desk policy?

Be open and up front with your staff. Let them understand the benefits of being organized and how using a document shredding company can literally save their job. If massive data breaches occur the company will take a large hit via a civil suit or sometimes a hit to their local reputation if the data breach reaches the local news or paper. Open dialogue with your staff is key. Show each staff member where all of the secure locking shred containers are in the office and to notify management when the containers are full. Embassy Records Management has a wide array of different size shredding containers. All shred containers are locking and perfect for either commercial business shredding or personal residential shredding. Provide your staff with a monthly email to remind them to keep their workstations free of sensitive information and when they should be utilizing the shredding service vendor. The shred service company will come and pick up and shred any confidential material when called. If you don’t currently have secure shred containers in your office just call Embassy Records Management and Storage at 800-717-1443 and we will be over in a jiff to shred that material for you. You can also drop off shred at our site anytime M-F, 8-5.

Reminding your staff about the clean desk policy

cluttered desks are awful for the release of information and confidential shredding documents
Rid yourself of the clutter. Google search shredding service near me.

Emailing staff periodically is a simple and easy way to remind them that any confidential paper should be shredded or scanned and not just hanging out for visitors or vendors to stumble upon. After time each employee will begin to appreciate a clutter free space clear of confidential information. You may want to delegate this task to another employee. They can send out emails or provide gentle reminders to staff about the clean desk and paper shredding policies and protocols enacted.

Commend staff members that are following the clean desk policy

Praise those employees that are keeping their desks clean and workstation organized. A clean desk away from clutter helps employees focus on and prioritize what tasks lay ahead. The team members will come to appreciate this new clean desk work lifestyle!

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