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Shred Container Options

At Embassy RMS, we offer two different shred container options: the shred bin and the shred console. We are going to look at both options and give you the specs of each so that you can decide which option is best for your home or business.

The shred bin is a 65 gallon bin that comes with a padlocked lid to obtain the upmost security for your documents. You will feed your documents through the top and the lid will remain locked until the time of destruction. The 65 gallon bin holds approximately 220 lbs. The dimensions are 42" H X 25" W X 27" D

Our shred console blends well into commercial environments. With a smaller footprint than our larger shred bin, space won't be an issue. The console holds up to 80 pounds of documents. The paper is fed through the opening at the top and kept secure by the locked door on the console. At the time of service, one of our uniformed employees will come to your location, unlock the lid, remove the heavy duty nylon bag holding the documents, empty the bag into a secure shred bin, replace the bag and lock your console. The bin now containing your documents will remain locked until the the time of destruction. The dimensions are 36” H x 20” W x 16” D.

Check out this video where you can see our shred containers side by side!

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