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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost For Document Shredding?

Costs differ depending on your need and frequently for document shredding services. Price for a one-time service depends on how much paper is to be shredded and how soon you need it done. Cost for mobile shredding service on a regular basis depends on the service interval you require (daily, weekly, monthly or other), and the number of collection bins to be processed each time.

How Can Payment for Services Be Made?

Embassy RMS provides a complete invoice of all services performed during an invoicing period. We accept payment by check or cash.

What Specific Papers Should Be Shredded?

The purpose of shredding sensitive documents is for companies to maintain the privacy and security for themselves and all of their employees, customers, and vendors. Embassy RMS recommends shredding anything with sensitive information such as account numbers, personal information, and more. Destroying such documents provides protection to companies against the legal liability and devastating results of identity and information theft. With this in mind, many of the following documents are recommended for shredding. This is not a comprehensive list of all such items.

  • Any type of banking document

  • Any document containing social security numbers

  • Receipts and check that contain credit card numbers

  • Any type of customer personal information

  • Any record of employee and payroll information

  • Any type of insurance information

  • Any personal medical records

  • All investment and loan records

  • Records kept of visitors

  • Any type of internal correspondence

  • Any Sales receipts and purchase orders

How Will I Know My Paper is Correctly and Completely Shredded?

Customers utilizing our secure, confidential shredding services are visited by our mobile shredding trucks, where shredding happens right on the premises. The whole process happening inside the back of the truck can be viewed, beginning to end, through a video monitor on the truck. After the process is finished, we provide a certificate documenting what was done that day.

What About Employee Screening?

As part of our NAID membership, Embassy RMS does required background checks on all employees to assure our clients of complete safety and confidentiality. Our employees are qualified individuals who treat our customers’ privacy in a very serious fashion.

What Happens To All the Shredded Paper?