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Filling Your Record Box

If you've read our customer guide to records storage (you should definitely read it), then you already know this. BUT if you haven't, keep reading!

When you're preparing your records for storage, whether you store them with Embassy (definitely recommended) or at a storage facility or even at your office, it is essential to pack the box correctly! Here are some simple tips to ensure that your records remain in great shape while being stored. Use this page as a cheat sheet when you are filling boxes!


Choose a logical organization system. It’s always a great idea to organize your files in a way that will make sense to you. Group similar records together. For example, organize by department, customer, employee, etc. In addition, try to put your files in some type of order (alphabetically, numerically, by date).


Letter-size files. Pack these files facing the end of the carton that will have the barcode on it. Make sure that they all are facing front and that there is a little bit of room at the end to make retrieving files painless.

Legal-size files. Pack these files from side-to-side, facing the side of the carton. Make sure that all of the files are facing the same direction and leave a little bit of room at the end to make retrieving files smooth.

Filling The Carton

Fill it up. It is important to not over or under pack the box. If you fill it too full, it will be difficult to retrieve files and put them back. It is equally important to make sure that your boxes are filled to about 90% capacity so that your files stay organized. A box that is under packed could collapse under the weight of other boxes once stored at Embassy.

Miracle Boxes

For your convenience, Embassy RMS has unassembled storage boxes for your files. Designed for longevity our Miracle Boxes are exactly what you need for your records at an affordable price. The Miracle Boxes arrive flat in one piece and instantly pop into their box shape. We offer a lifetime guarantee on these boxes.Our boxes are packaged in increments of 20, or you can order a specific number. We will deliver your boxes to you and help you assemble them if needed!

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