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What Counts As Confidential?

We talk a lot about making sure to store or destroy any and all confidential information that you do not need anymore, but what counts as confidential? We consider documents containing any of the following to be confidential and recommend that when it is time to destroy them, that they be shredded through a NAID certified facility such as us!

  • Full Names

  • Addresses

  • Phone Numbers

  • Social Security Numbers

  • Fingerprints

  • Photos

  • Business Name

  • Client Information

  • Entry Codes

  • Employee Information

  • Patent Information

  • Grant Proposal Information

  • Collected Data

  • Hard Drives

  • Old Computers

  • Receipts

  • Credit Card Information

  • Bank Account Information

  • Medical Information including scans and x-rays

  • Passwords

  • Lock Combinations

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